Tattoos and Oath Taking

Mad Dog MC Angeles Tattoo Runs

It has always been the tradition in MDMC that new prospects receive their tattoo and initiation in Angeles City. This event represents the culmination of months of each individual proving themselves worthy to be called A Dog. Because of this each and every Dog understands the significance of this ceremony and each run attracts Dogs from all over the world.

The Tattoo
Although there have been different designs over the years, the Tattoo which is mandatory for all new Members is signed off by two Directors and a unique number is issued for each one.
The Oath
The Oath is sworn by all new Members.
The Soup
There are numerous recipes for the Soup and it is the responsibility of the Prospects from the Chapter that is inducting it’s new Member to mix it. This particular Soup had 5Kg rotten fish, smelly fish paste (Bagoong), red chilies, rotten vegetables, eggs, beer, food coloring and anything else we could find that looked disgusting.
The Party
After all the business has been concluded it has been know on one or two will occasions that the Dogs present will have a drink to celebrate and discuss serious current social issues.